Are you new to firearms?

A+ Firearms Training of Worcester, MA has courses
from beginner to highly skilled marksman.


Self Defense

We regularly train people who have never touched a firearm and progress at a pace comfortable for any beginner.
We also offer training for people with physical impairments.


Team Building

Looking for a great new team building session?
We can run a clinic for business or private groups with up to eight people for a minimum of three hours.
Give us a call and we can go over the classes, cost and scheduling.


Massachusetts Gun Law

Massachusetts Gun Laws are very strict.
Every person must undergo basic training from a certified instructor to meet
the Massachusetts State prerequisite to apply for a License To Carry (LTC).


To become proficient with any defensive tool, whether firearms, knife, martial arts, boxing,
or anything else, you must advance your training and practice, practice, practice.

A+ Firearms Training of Massachusetts has the expertise to take you to the level you aspire by providing reasonable sized group classes, where you learn so much more due to class participant synergy. We also provide private training classes, and will tailor them specifically to your needs.