Active Shooter – Civilian Response

Generally, you hear about the emergency services running active shooter drills at malls, civic centers,
and so on, so they will be ready should an active shooter event occur. And that’s a good thing to do.

The problem is law enforcement is not typically there at the time it starts. In fact, most times they can’t get on scene for five, ten, fifteen minutes or more. So, where does that leave you? You are there when it begins. What can you do to better your chances of survival in an active shooter event?

This is where we can help. We provide classes to train you in what you can do; the various options you may have. We do this at both a very high level common to all and at a lower level for individual businesses.



Active Shooter – Civilian Response

2.5 – 3 hour ($49.99 – $350)  – This interactive presentation explains what the term “Active Shooter” means, history of past active shooter events, why it is so important today, and what civilians can do to better their chances of survival. These sessions are held in a rented facility or on a client’s premises. There are no live firearms utilized in the class. The cost is $49.99 per person if held in a rented facility. If held on your business premises the starting cost is $350. Costs will increase dependent upon customer additional presentations and demo requirements.

This course is designed for a group of businesses or individuals, and is presented at a level where the information would be common to all. Smaller businesses may pool their resources to make it more cost effective for each. More detailed classes held subsequent to this class will be held at an individual business and tailored at a level specifically for that business and all its parameters. These classes are not “one size fits all”.