Don’t forget to protect yourself and your family!


Now is the time to register for one of the last three scheduled MA LTC (License To Carry) prerequisite classes that we are running.

If you have ever thought about getting your license to carry, NOW is the time to do it. We will provide you with top quality training in MA gun law, firearm safety, and safe gun handling.

Following are the currently scheduled classes:

Three Home Firearm Safety classes with Additional Live Fire (9am to 4:30pm) – Cost is $125.

Saturday, September 29th
Saturday, October 27th
Saturday, November 24th

Saturday, October 13th — Advanced Handgun Level-2 (5 hours) Cost is $110
Saturday, November 17th — Advanced Handgun Level-3 (4 hours) Cost is $90

>>>>> Call NOW to register. <<<<<

Bruce Willard
A+ Firearms Training of MA
NRA and MA State Police Certified Firearms Instructor
RSO (Range Safety Officer)
Certified Ambassador Trainer and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Nevada