New Gun Owner

This is typically someone who may or may not have been around guns before,
has never really shown an interest, and/or never had any formal firearms training.

At A+ Firearms Training, we have firearms training classes to get any beginner started. The “NRA Home Firearms Safety” with live fire add-on is the first class taken to learn firearms safety, parts and functions of basic pistols and revolvers, as well as firing sequence of a gun cartridge. Once the very basic safety and operational information is completed, you will get to safely practice loading and unloading the guns, using snap caps (dummy rounds).

When the above is completed, you will practice at the shooting range and qualify with a live fire test when we feel you are ready. The last function in the class will be a written test. If you successfully complete all phases of this class, you will be provided with the training certificate required by Massachusetts law. Bring this certificate to your town’s police department with your filled in application for a LTC (License to Carry) or FID (Firearms Identification card).

The next class should be the “Handgun Selection” class. This class will provide you with the opportunity to fire three rounds from each of the 12 handguns. You will start with a small .22 caliber pocket pistol and work your way up in both physical size and caliber to the .357 Magnum and the military spec 1911 (.45 caliber).

The purpose of this is to find out which type of handgun fits you best and how large a caliber you can handle properly. What we are referring to here is the perceived recoil or kick (as some people call it).



NRA Home Firearms Safety

Seven hours ($125) with an additional live-fire segment – This firearms training course is a prerequisite to apply for a Massachusetts LTC (License to Carry) or FID (Firearms Identification card), and provides the participant with a basic understanding of the safe handling of firearms, as well as practice loading and unloading firearms, live-fire practice/qualifications, and written test.

To enable receipt of NRA Home Firearms Safety certification and Massachusetts State Police certification, participants must successfully pass both written and live-fire exams as well as prove they have the proper attitude to handle firearms and can handle them safely throughout the class.

Handgun Selection

Three – five hours ($110) – The time for this firearms training class can vary depending on the number of participants in the class. It is not uncommon for people to feel the need to acquire a firearm for self-defense and family protection. To fulfill that need they successfully complete the prerequisite training to apply for the LTC. When they receive the LTC, only then do they realize they have no idea what brand, caliber or size pistol or revolver they should purchase.

This class minimizes that dilemma. Participants can shoot pistols and revolvers starting at .22 cal. and continuing upwards in caliber and physical size to .380, .38 Spl, 9mm, .40, .357 Mag, .45 and .410 shotgun shells. Some of these calibers come in different sized firearms to understand perceived recoil. Three rounds can be fired from each.

– NRA Home Firearm Safety with Live Fire Segment: or some other gun safety class approved by us.