When it comes to corporate team-building activities, people don’t usually consider using firearms.
This can be a lot of fun and increase comradery among colleagues.

After receiving at least a half hour of safety briefing does anyone handle any firearms. There will be one or more firearms training instructors with the corporate team-building group to safely demonstrate how the various firearms function; and will do so again at any time for anyone throughout the session.

Once everyone has completed the safety briefing, we begin the well-planned team-building session. The plan is decided upon ahead of time with the corporate team member in charge of the group. At that time decisions are made about type and caliber of firearms, the type of specialty targets, types of friendly competition shooting. All that will dictate the time to spend on the session. Or a time can be set first and then work all the other pieces around that.

If you don’t want to go with the status quo for your annual corporate team-building, plan ahead and call us now to set up a fun-filled, safe team-building session with our firearms training instructor(s).



Corporate Team-Building

Minimum 3 hours – There is a maximum of eight (8) participants per session, minimum 3 hours. Multiple small businesses can be coordinated into one session to make it more cost-effective for each business. Cost is based on time spent, firearms used and ammunition expended.